Blackjack strategy

To start playing blackjack is pretty simple but to master its play is a different ball game altogether. Here you will find strategies for black jack game variants explained in an easy to comprehend manner.

All the different strategies in any blackjack strategy guides out there are derived from the classical stay hit chart that based its outcomes on mathematical calculations and the probability of each situation arising during play. The most basic and simple strategy to master is as illustrated below.

Blackjack strategy

This is the most basic blackjack chart and details the action to take given any of the game scenarios that a punter might experience. The left column contains a punters hand value while the top row shows the dealer’s card value. To get your play all you do is do a correspondent between the punter’s column and the dealer’s row. This chart and the strategies for black jack in it are relevant in all game variants because it is basically mathematics and takes into account the game odds only.

A caveat, if you decide to count cards, additional rules apply for the chart to remain relevant.

Strategies for Different Deck Variations

The classic chart and strategies have evolved to meet the requirements of new game variants. Card counting can be credited with the initial blackjack evolution in an attempt by casinos to eliminate the vice. The thinking was that the more the deck of cards under use the less the likelihood of one being able to count and keep track of the cards.

The original blackjack chart had to be revolutionized to take into account the additional card decks and hence the invention of strategies specific to the 4 deck, 6 decks, and 8 decks were born. However, the classical chart basics still hold true.

Switch is a variant on the online game that allows punters to switch cards for use between hands. The game allows players to use a card from one hand in their other hand. Due to the complex nature of its gameplay, this game variant has a different plan and a different chart as shown below, because a punter can only lose to a perfect 21.

Guide on How to Count Cards in Blackjack

Blackjack card counting involves counting the number of low and high-value blackjack cards already dealt and as a result being able to tell when the current deck has more high-value cards and making a play based on result. The result will always bring the house edge down considerably.

The basic card counting strategy involves assigning values to a group of cards; -1 for an ace, +1 for values between 2-6, and 0 for values between 7-9. There are charts out there that can be used to perfect counting even for multiple decks.


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