Blackjack rules

Playing blackjack could be fun or thrilling depending on how much you understand the game since it is a skill based game. Our blackjack guide helps punters learn how to play black jack and have the ultimate fun while playing through the provision of strategies for in-play blackjack playing in an understandable way to all.

We provide information to punters to help them make decisions on the size of a wager, when to raise or lower the wager sizes, whether to split, double, hit, or stand. All this is through the description of scenarios that call for everyone of this action so when it happens during play a punter will know exactly how to react.

All this is done through the use of words that aren’t casino savvy: explained in layman's language to ensure easy reading and grasping of the guide contents for fast transformation into punters that understand the basics of blackjack and hopefully make them winners.

Blackjack Rules for Winners

The classical rules of blackjack form the basis for rules adopted across all its variants and hence are universally accepted. At its core, blackjack is a game of decision-making skills first and then lady luck second. As such, the decisions to be made by punters once a hand has been dealt are:

  • Hit: requesting an additional card if the hand dealt has too low a value.
  • Split: splitting a pair into individual hands at an extra wager. Both hands are played separately against the dealer’s hand.
  • Surrender: Available in some variants and allows a punter to give up on a hand and just lose half their wager.
  • Stand: not taking additional cards if one feels confident of the value of their card being the highest.
  • Double: a double on your current wager for an extra card but after this, a punter has to stand.
  • Insurance: involves taking insurance on your bet usually half the wager placed. Common where a dealer has an ace. If the dealer wins, you get your half wager insurance back.

The overriding casino blackjack rules whether online or not is to get a total hand value of 21 points. The game can be played either as a solo player or with multiple players. Every player’s objective is to have a hand totaling 21 points or near that value that has a better score than the house dealer.

All the cards have numbers which are their equivalent value with the picture cards having a value of 10. The ace card is flexible: can either have a value of 1 or 11 depending on the other cards held. Its flexibility is the reason blackjack hands are classified as either hard or soft; a hand with an ace is soft while one without is hard.

How to Win at Blackjack Like a Pro

Like all other casino games, blackjack odds are edged towards the house. However, this does not mean that a punter cannot win consistently. One can follow some advanced strategies and charts ensuring that they always play with the odds. This has been found to be the best way to win at blackjack; identify a strategy fitting your playing style and use it consistently.

The basic blackjack tips provided here-in as well as our in-depth analysis of different strategies will go a long way in helping punters win.


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